Pull + Push Circuit

3 Rounds for quality, not for time.

5-15 Strict Pull Ups (Rx+ 5-10 Muscle Ups)
15-25 Push Ups (Rx+ 10-15 Strict HSPU)
20 Hollow Rocks

Metcon (Time)
Alternating Tabata:

Toes To Bar
Jumping Lunges

At 8 Minute Mark:
2 Rounds

800m Run/Row
1 Minute Plank

:20 TTB
:10 Rest
:20 Jumping Lunges
:10 Rest

Repeat 8 times

Mark time you finish everything. Obviously if you go hard on the tabatas you might go slower on the second part. Don’t take the first part easy to get a faster time. Go hard and get a good workout.