Mainsite Grip (Time)
3 Rounds of:
30 Dumbbell Snatches, 50/35
30 Toes to Bar

Warm Up:
Min 1: Jumping Jacks to :45
Min 2: Push Ups to :45
Min 3: Single Arm Overhead Dumbbell walk, abs braced
Min 4: 5-10 strict chin ups

Increase pace on second round.

Go over proper form of the dumbbell snatch. Each person should demonstrate god form from either the hang or the ground.

Practice Toes to bar variations and modifications.

Scale by reducing eight or reps.

Modify dumbbell snatch to hang

Modify toes to bar to hanging leg raises or knee raises.

15 minute time cap, modify and scale accordingly.

4 x 400 meter run (4 Rounds for reps)
@ Goal Mile Pace, on a 4 minute clock. If your goal is under 7 minutes, on a 3 minute clock.

Sub with a 800 meter bike, 400 meter row or 300 meter ski.