Metcon (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)
We’re slowly going to start using TRIIB. Go to and try to login with your wodify credentials (you may need to click "forgot password" and reset it). Workouts will be posted in both apps for a while until we fully transition to Triib.

400m run/row
then 2 rounds:
Down Dog-> Lizard R
Down Dog-> Lizard Left
Down Dog-> Pigeon R
Down Dog-> Pigeon L
10 Fire Hydrants per side
5 "quarter, half, full" air squats

Half the class will start with Strength while half the class starts with the metcon, then we’ll switch.

Strength: 15 Minute EMOM
1: 8 Back Squats
2: Plank or Handstand hold
3: Rest

Recommended percentage 60% – 70% of 1RM.


15 Minute AMRAP
Calorie Row
Push Ups
Dumbbell Push Press (50/35)

10s the first round, 20s the second round, 30s the third… etc.

:45 Per Stretch
Quad or Couch Stretch
Thread the Needle
8 Point Shoulder Stretch