Friday Monster Mash

Beyond the Pines (Time)
Part A:
12 – 10 – 8
-Single Arm Devil’s Press (40/25)[50/35]
-Straight Body King Kongs
[Rx+ 3-2-1 Seated Legless Rope Climb on short ropes]

Part B:
30 – 20 – 10
-Single Arm DB Thrusters (40/25)[50/35]
-4x Double Unders (120-80-40)
-Butterfly Sit ups

Part C:
3 Rounds
500m row
1:00 Plank (any way)

You choose the order in which you choose to complete the Parts (A, B, and C).

Once you start a part, you need to finish it before moving on to another.

Score is time when all 3 parts have been completed.