Uptempo hip hop with a pinch of dance hall and rock

3 rounds
10 touch and reach
10 windmills
10 hug yourselves
10 straight leg sit ups
10 squats

4 rounds EMOM with a 50:10 Clock
Min 1: Wall Sit
Min 2: Handstand or pike or plank hold
Min 3: Vacuum Hold
Min 4: Goblet or Overhead Squat Hold
Min 5: Hollow Hold

Welcome to Isometric Land!

Today we will focus on static holds and positional integrity.

These holds build strength in position, making force in dynamic movement easier and better!

For the wall sit, sit to parallel with your back on a wall. Add weight by holding onto any object

For the handstand, pike or plank please feel free to mix & match

For the vacuum continue to breath but hold position. This is one of the most underused movements for building the "V" shape of your torso. It really, really works if applied regularly.

For the squat hold, use PVC, barbell, broom, single arm DB or KB, etc

For hollow hold, modify with one leg, etc

Stress Buster Minute (AMRAP – Reps)
1 Minute MAX Mountain Climbers, burpees or star jumps. Go for it here! Get A TON of reps! Blow off some steam

Do this right after the last hollow hold. No rest – straight in to it !
I’m Totally Doing Mobility in 2020
1 minute per side Couch
1 minute per side Pigeon
1 Minute per side 8 point shoulder or standing pec stretch