THIS Saturday at 8am CST/9am EST we are going to..
BREAK THE INTERNET! with Coach Ruffles!
50+ people will hit a SPICY Saturday session for our
BIGGEST CLASS EVER! Sign up is required! Send an e-mail to crossfit305@crossfit305.com or tell your coach in class to reserve.

50620 (Time)
WOD demo & scaling options:

-Warm Up-
3 Rounds
10 Toy Soldiers
10 Touch the Floor & Reach
10 Trunk Rotations


Alternating EMOM 10
8 Strict Press or Bench Press
8 Single Leg Deadlift, per leg, no weight


"Angry Sasquatch"
3 Rounds for time of:
10-15 Power Snatch
15 Floor Touch & Jump

Note time. This is a sprint!
10 reps if you have heavier weight, 15 if you have only light weight, 10 per side if you only have a single dumbbell or similar. The standard on Floor Touch & Jump is to touch the floor with your fingers, and jump straight up (ankles, knees, hips, shoulders & wrists in a vertical line, perpendicular to the floor.) To become more athletic, jump higher!

5 x 10
The Ultimate V-Up
1 V-Up
1 Alternating Leg V-up, L
1 Alternating Leg V-up, R

It’s BACK! You will master this sequence and your ABS will be amazingly strong!

Coaches Choice, 5 minute AMCAP (As Much Chill As Possible)