Strange fact: Strength and Conditioning will make you stronger and better conditioned. (Weight)
4 rounds of

Minute 1: Deadlift 45% or less, 12-15 reps w/ perfect form.
Minute 2: Push ups or Bench Press 12-15 reps (If you can do 20+ push ups, Bench. If not, don’t)
Minute 3: Strict AF Pull Ups, 10+ reps
Minute 4: Flutter Kicks
Minute 5: Rest

4 x 400 meter run (4 Rounds for reps)
@ Goal Mile Pace, on a 4 minute clock. If your goal is under 7 minutes, on a 3 minute clock.

You may also row 500 meters, Bike 1,00 meters on Concept 2, Bike 1 mile on Assault bike or Ski 350 meters.

Aim for consistent times.