Kettlebell workshop

The Kettlebear GPP (Time)
Minutes 1-10 EMOM
20 second handstand
Rest 10 seconds
20 seconds double unders
Rest 10 seconds

Minutes 11-20 EMOM
"The Kettlebear"
7 KB Deadlifts
7 KB Swings* Freedom standard*
7 Burpees
Go as heavy as fitness level allows.

Minutes 21-30 FOR TIME
Run 1 mile

Minutes 30-35 EMOM
10 V-Ups
40 Flutter kicks

Minutes 35-40
1 minute Pigeon per side
1 minute couch per side
30 second pec stretch/side

*Freedom standard is just above eye level

Note mile time and weight used in comments.

Rest between minutes 10-11 and 20-21.

If you can’t run, row 1500m or bike 3000m or ski 1200m

If you can’t run a mile in under 9 minutes run 1200 meters.

When you finish the run (or row/bike/ski) wait until the 30 minute mark, then go into the ab work.