Monday the 1st Day of Forever
Today’s playlist brought to you by David Moret.

Back Squat (10-10-10-8-8)
Add 5-10 pounds to last week lifts as long as you made all sets. If you didn’t make your lifts, stay at the same weight or go lighter.

Add weight to each set. Start light and build. The last set should be tough but doable.

Alternate every 90 seconds with a hard set of strict push ups or strict handstand push ups. If you did this last week, try to do 1-2 more reps each set.

Cement Mixer (Time)
On the 3:00 x 7 Rounds:
400 Meter Run
12 Toes to Bar

"Cement Mixer" is a workout that we will repeat a few times a year. Today the score is the slowest of the 7 rounds. We are looking for the toes to bar to be completed in 2 sets maximum on each round. The number or variation can be adjusted to accomplish this.

If unable to run, complete one of the following:
500/400 Meter Row
25/18 Calorie Assault Bike
1000 meter C2 Bike

Todays WOD courtesy of CFNE/CT

If you are unabkle to run 400m faster than 2 minutes, scale distance to 300 or 200 meters.