Get it!

Run 800 meters
Grab a PVC pipe and line up.
Practice mastering these positions. Your coach will drill you through these, pausing as needed to fix positions.

Be prepared to hold each position for a sustained period. Any release of position before Coach says ‘revcover’ demands an immediate 3 burpee penalty.


Position 1: Hook Grip. PVC on shins 8.5 inches off of ground. Bottom of deadlift, adjusted for clean as needed.

Position 2: PVC just above knees. Vertical shins, tension in hamstrings and glutes, lats pushing the bar back into the leg. Abs tight, shoulder blades pulled back.

Position 3: PVC at hip crease (‘pockets’). Knees are still bent slightly. Torso is upright and tight. Weight is in mid-foot. External rotation from hip and knee. Adjust grip to get pipe into hip crease.

Position 4: Feet jump from under hips into squat stance as the bar is pulled close to the body, elbows high and outside. Catch PVC in front rack. Hips back in the start of a squat. Elbows pointing directly ahead. Loose finger tip grip.

Position 5: PVC in standing front rack, feet recovered under hips.

Position 6: Move the chin out of the way. Dip 2 inches, keeping the torso upright and elbows up. As you drive up from the dip, aggressively drive the bar directly overhead as you straighten the legs.

The Rocky Complex (1-1-1-1-1)
Without dropping the bar:
3 deadlifts
3 hang power cleans
3 shoulder to overhead
3 hang power cleans
3 deadlifts

When the bar is lowered to the floor for the last deadlift, the set is complete.

No drops, no slop.

Build to a heavy set in 15 minutes. Last lift MUST start before clock hits 15.

Hashtag a video of yourself with #TheRockyComplex and tag us!

BALA 7 (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)
Push Up

1 of each, 2 of each, 3 of each, etc.